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If you’ve ever done a closet revamp with me before you know I am all about creating a wardrobe full of chic, elevated basics. Building a foundation of timeless and sophisticated pieces not only simplifies your everyday dressing but also opens up a world of opportunities to experiment with the latest seasonal trends. Fresh from my recent return from the dazzling runways of New York Fashion Week, I'm bursting with inspiration and eager to share my top 5 tips to elevate your fall wardrobe this season.

1. Embrace the Power of Red

Red is THE color of the season. It has undeniably taken the fashion world by storm. Infuse your black and neutral outfits with vibrant red accessories. Whether it's a striking pair of red shoes, a bold handbag, or a subtle accent piece, introducing a touch of red will instantly elevate your outfit and have you exuding the latest trends with flair.

2. Shine in Silver

While metallic has been lingering around since last season, Silver, and specifically silver shoes are having a moment this season. Incorporating silver into your wardrobe can work wonders in transforming your everyday basics from day to night, seamlessly blending sophistication and modernity. Silver instantly creates a “wow” moment in any outfit. Whether you opt for silver heels that glisten under city lights or silver boots that add drama to your evening attire there's no denying that metallics, and silver, in particular, have a magnetic pull that draws eyes and admiration wherever you go!

3. Rev Up with Buckle Boots

Vroom Vroom coming in H O T are the motorcycle esq buckle boots. In perfect alignment with the motto trend that has been sweeping the fashion industry by storm lately, these boots have rightfully earned their place at the top of the trend party. These sleek and edgy flat boots don't just complete an outfit; they redefine it. Instantly, they create an undeniable sense of cool and confidence into your everyday looks. As you slip into these buckle-adorned marvels, you're making a statement - one that's strong, bold, and unapologetically stylish.

4.Get Your Hands On the Ultra Long Coat

Ultra-long coats have established themselves as this season's most coveted outerwear trend, seamlessly transitioning us from the crisp days of fall into the chilly depths of winter. The allure of a long coat lies in its effortless ability to elevate even the simplest of outfits. Just throw on anything underneath, slip into a long coat, and voilà – you've effortlessly curated a stylish and cozy ensemble that effortlessly adapts from running errands to hitting the town for dinner.

5. Go Big With XL Bags

The oversized bag trend has dominated the runway, appearing in both clutch and handbag forms. Carrying an XL bag exudes an 'I can carry whatever I want and have it with me' attitude, infusing a casual and effortless vibe into your ensemble. This trend seamlessly aligns with the prevailing theme of quiet luxury and ease that's dominating this season's fashion landscape." Playing with both size and color of your bag can create an entire mood and statement to your fall capsule wardrobe.

Need help ramping up your fall wardrobe? You know where to find me! Instagram DM me or email me through my website so I can help you live this fall one outfit at a time!

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