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Let's Debunk The No White Before Memorial Day "Rule" and Get Your Must Have White Bottoms

You're looking at a major breaker of the “no white bottoms before Memorial Day” rule. While I am no follower of the “rule” many are counting down the days to bust out their white bottoms and bring in the summer!

Who on earth passed this fashion law?

The no white before Memorial Day rule stems back to the 1900's. White clothing in the summertime meant vacation time. Breaking out your lightweight white pieces showed everyone you were on leisure mode and depicted a level of aristocracy. When Labor Day came along, the lighter white clothes were stored away and replaced with heavier darker garments to represent getting back to work mode.

Fashion rules are meant to be broken! While the rule is very much spoken about today white can always be in style and is truly a matter of HOW you style it.

A selection of white bottoms give you the ultimate blank canvas for all your tops to have their moment with the flexibility to elevate your look from day to night and everything in between. While we all know and love our staple white jeans, this season's trends are going to push the envelope for what our white bottoms look like for this Spring and Summer. Whether it is adding a pop of color top and accessories or playing with an elevated monochromatic white look; the possibilities are limitless. Here are some of my top picks for white bottoms to get you ready for the Summer season ahead!

White Denim

White Skirts

White Trousers

White Shorts

White Cover Up

Whether you are the white rule breaker or not, investing in white bottoms is a capsule wardrobe must! Let me help you find your perfect white bottoms leading up to this Memorial Day and let's kick off the summer season strong living this life one outfit at a time!


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