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Let's Talk All Things Capsule Wardrobe

Let's face it we have all made those impulsive buys from countless Instagram ads and TikToks flooding our feeds with the latest trends taking us a million different directions and eras. I am definitely a culprit of feeling like I immediately need everything and anything trending in the industry. While those impulse purchases are part of the fun and I am a trend experimenter "Stan;" we must nail down our capsule wardrobe!


The phrase "capsule wardrobe" is thrown around everywhere... like what the heck does that even mean? Let me break it down for you! Your capsule wardrobe should be between 10-25 items that can be mixed and matched for YOUR respective day to day lifestyle. It is your staple and core pieces that can do you no wrong. Think of it this way we can always make cookies when we have ingredients like flour, eggs, butter, water, baking powder etc, and while we all want sprinkles on our sugar cookies it is not an essential ingredient (but don't worry we can add them later).

By no means should your capsule wardrobe bore you. It is made up of the pieces that unleash you inner baddie! Your capsule wardrobe should be a reflection of you and your personal style. While a majority of capsule wardrobes are made up of similar items that are set to not go out of style like jeans, blazers, trousers, and t-shirts depending on the season; the millions of options within these categories is what really defines YOUR capsule wardrobe and should of course unleash the layers of your personality. With strong capsule pieces we can begin to strategically "sprinkle" in the latest trends for newfound excitement in our wardrobe!


Start by asking yourself what types of outfits in this season do I need to wear on a weekly basis? Perhaps it is workwear, athleisure, and dinner outfits. Go through your closet and separate the items that you have worn more than once in their respective season and the items you have only worn once or not at all. My rule of thumb is that if you did not wear the item in its respective season it is time to part ways. Do the pieces I am wearing on a weekly basis uplift my confidence? Do they fit well? What pieces am I missing for my weekly schedule? Asking yourself these questions within your wardrobe can help you identify the things you already own that should be part of your coveted capsule wardrobe and help you rethink what you may add, get rid of, and replace.

Creating capsule wardrobes for my clients is truly my favorite feat. By helping you create a strong foundation the sky's the limit for the looks we can unleash from your closest. The stylist in me loves to push it slightly even with my clients capsule wardrobes. It is truly where your "elevated basics'' shine. Why have your base be a plain blue pair of jeans when we can find you a pair of jeans with extra pockets, or a criss-cross hem, slightly different mix of materials or denims, and the list goes on and on. Instead of just a plain black turtleneck can we push it slightly and find a unique material, or maybe it has shimmer, or a unique cutout. These are the thoughts continuously flooding my mind in elevating even the core pieces in my wardrobe. Ultimately, your capsule wardrobe can be as bold or minimalistic as you want to take it!


If you are living in New England a Spring capsule wardrobe is extremely challenging. One day we wake up in April with a monsoon of snow and the next day it's 65 degrees and the sun is shining. While your spring capsule wardrobe may call for you to keep some of your winter stuff out a little longer or hopefully break out your summer pieces and boogie boards; I have narrowed it down to 5 core categories of items for your spring capsule wardrobe! These pieces give you the flexibility to layer, wear day to night, and mix and match to create endless looks!

The Trench Coat

Maxi and Midi Slip + Denim Skirts

Neutral Blazers

Biker and Bomber Jackets

Day to Night Trousers

Top Denim Picks

This is a great start to assessing what you may want for your spring capsule wardrobe! I am here to help you build all the way through and set you up for daily success to turn "I have nothing to wear" into "which option do I want to wear today!" With a solid capsule wardrobe we can truly take on and live this life one outfit at a time!


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