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Sneaker Slay: How to Elevate Your Sneaker Game for 2023

Your sneaker game has become more relevant than ever. A pair of fly kicks is the key element to flex an effortlessly chic look. With the prominence of smart-casual wardrobes, sneakers are the difference maker in elevating looks day to night and everything in between. Here are the key 2023 sneaker trends to get your feet on!


Retro vibes are swarming the sneaker world with the Adidas Samba and its counterparts making a resurgence. The Adidas Samba, developed in 1949, is once again taking the industry by storm. The shoe’s iconic presence sparked fashion house Gucci to create a six piece collaboration collection of the soccer staples complement, the Adidas Gazelle. The retro blast to the past may be invigorated by both the 2022 world cup and the heightened wear by celebrities and influencers to create an effortlessly cool vibe. Many brands are hopping on the Samba style craze and delivering sleeker and slimmer styles. Here are my top picks for the retro revival trend...


While the sleeker and slimmer retros are back, the chunky running "dad sneakers" are equally taking the stage. The chunky sneaker silhouette is continuing as a top trend for the 2023 season. As the OG dad sneaker brand, New Balance is taking the dad sneaker popularity to new heights and bringing along other old school silhouettes to the streetwear scene. Whether it's edging up a suited look, dressing down a dress, elevating your jeans and a t-shirt, or rocking your athleisure, dad sneaker nostalgia continues to make a lasting mark and has become a wardrobe must have. Here are my top picks for new kicks to take you back to your high school gym days...


The sneaker world is playing with old vs. new by meshing the vintage nostalgic essence with new materials and metallics to create a futuristic sneaker trend for 2023. Think of futuristic fashion as the infiltration of technological advancements seeping into the fashion industry. Shoes with unique additions of materials like mesh, gel, bungie, and modifications to the platform and shape of the traditional sole are on the rise. The futuristic sneaker is sure to take your look to another dimension. Here are my futuristic fantasy picks...

A new pair of kicks is what you may need to freshen up your entire wardrobe. Play with the most coveted styles for 2023 and see how the vibe for your entire look transforms by a simple tie of your shoe!


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