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Trend Alert: Festivities Continued Silver is Here to Stay

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

2023 calls for you to shine on the daily. No more tucking away your metallics, sparkly and embellished pieces till next year's festivities. The high shine is taking the everyday by storm.

Metallics, and specifically silver, dazzled Fashion Week runways from trailblazing fashion brands like Prada Chanel, Gucci, Versace, and Off-White all showcasing silver for their spring collections.

You may be wondering how and where on earth can I wear metallics on the daily, or feel daunted by its extravagant shimmer. Do not fear! Here are ways for you to ease into this trend and play with your sparkly side...

Style an All Black Outfit With Silver Accessories for a Pop

It's not about how much metallic you're wearing but where it’s placed and how you color block. With a monochromatic all black look your silver piece is destined to take the spotlight and make an impact!

Find the Silver Version of your Go-To Staple Pieces

Instead of taking your blue and black jeans, classic blazers, or staple jacket for a spin, interchange them with silver versions.

Slay in Silver Shoes

Business on top and party on the bottom. Elevate your looks with a silver bootie, sneaker, or pump this season.

Start the year getting out of your comfort color zone! Whether it's the entire look or dabbling with an accent piece, mixing in silver and metallics into your wardrobe is sure to spice up your current style. Adding shine to your day and night looks unleashes boldness from within to make your mark in any room you walk into and live this life one outfit at a time!


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