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Trend Alert: Red is coming in H O T

The color red is coming in HOT for the fall 2023 season. We are talking about bright fiery red here to make a bold statement! We will be seeing fiery red suits, monochromatic looks, sweaters, and jackets taking the fall by storm. A tomato-esque red with slightly orange undertones dominated the Spring fashion week runways and made its presence known. The color commands boldness and power, juxtaposed with distinct elegance and joyfulness.

The time to invest in this hue is now, as it is here to stay for the upcoming seasons!

While you may think this color is too "out there" and overbearing to integrate into your day-to-day wardrobe, fashion color theory suggests that red is universally known as the one color that complements everyone's skin complexion and coloring. Dip your toes into this color trend by wearing an all-black outfit and accessorizing with red shoes, or add a pop of red with a bag to your evening looks. Gradually build it up by incorporating a red blazer as an accent piece or a red top for a night out, instead of your go-to black!

Here are a few of my favorite red pieces to get you started...

Styled By Shani is here to give you a head start on the trends coming our way! Together, we can explore how to integrate fashion trends in a way that unleashes your personality and suits your lifestyle. Email or Instagram DM me to get your pre fall styling session booked!

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