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Your Guide to take the Load Off Spring Cleaning Your Closet

If your closet is anything like mine right now it is getting real messy with chunky cable knit sweaters mixed in with spring colored tops and everything in between! One day it is freezing rain and the next it's 60 degrees and sunny. How on earth do we deal with this chaos in our wardrobe? Trust me I get it, the thought of even beginning to go through your wardrobe is one big UGHHHHH but I promise “spring cleaning” your closet in this transition time will set you up for success!

Changing your wardrobe from one season to the next is the perfect time to take inventory on what you wore in the current season. Go through your winter clothes. My rule of thumb IF YOU DID NOT WEAR THE ITEM IN THE SEASON IT WAS MEANT FOR IT IS TIME TO PART WAYS (exception if it is a brand new item you did not get a chance to wear yet or one of extreme sentimental value). I know it is challenging to get rid of pieces but you are doing yourself a disservice by keeping pieces that make you feel meh! Ask yourself, does this item make me feel good? Does it fit well? Does it spark excitement? If the answer is no it is a sure sign for something better to enter your wardrobe! Once you take inventory of your winter wear it will not only make room for spring clothes but also take a load off of your winter storage.

My process is simple. Before I move any pieces into my closet for the new season I go rack by rack, shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer (however your closet is organized) and go item by item. I make three piles: keep but time to store, a sayonara goodbye pile, and a keep but is still useful to have in my closet for the next season (for spring think like long sleeves, lighter sweaters, little jackets etc.) and if I absolutely need to, I include a fourth pile of “maybes” if I am feeling really indecisive about an item.

Now you are ready to start putting together your spring wardrobe. If you need ideas on what exactly to include in your spring closet don’t worry I got you in my previous posts about building your capsule wardrobe and what is top trending for the season!

My pro tip is to organize your spring wardrobe outside of the closet before you put the pieces in. Doing so allows you to identify what is missing and what you may have an abundance of. Let’s face it we all have that one type of item in disproportionate amounts because we have not let go of the older version of it.

Now you will be able to see exactly what your wardrobe is comprised of. When you organize your spring clothes outside of your closet it allows you to do the same piling process you did for winter to ensure that the pieces going into your wardrobe are ones you will be excited about wearing!

When you begin to put the pieces into your closet, organize them in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle. If you are dressing for work every morning, have your blouses and blazers organized front and center. Maybe you feel like having items sorted by color is most suited for you or maybe you prefer organizing by type of item. If you grab a workout set every morning, have your sets folded together to save you any trouble searching for the matching bra to your leggings. Ultimately, your closet is your blank canvas, your creative emporium if you will, and it should be treated as such!

I know that cleaning your closet can feel like the worst most absolutely annoying thing ever. Get in the zone, bump some tunes, bring a snack and do it! The warmer weather is coming and taking out your heavy clothes to make way for the spring looks to come is truly a great feeling! If you do not want to do it alone, I am here for you to organize and unleash your spring looks together! It is always helpful to have a second pair of eyes on your wardrobe to make the part ways less daunting and to show you the insane potential within your wardrobe before you go out and shop for new pieces!


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